cora group acquires, strengthens, and grows vertical market software companies.


Collective Organization – Foundationally, the strongest attribute of Constellation Software is the data derived from more than 800 sister companies’ experiences and the ability to propagate those learnings. No matter what the idea, issue, or opportunity, you can be certain that someone within our portfolio, Jonas or Constellation has experienced it in the past. This experience sharing reduces learning curves and accelerates successful outcomes.


Redefining Advancement – Within most corporate environments, focus on growth/advancement is based on revenue, brand recognition, number of employees, etc. Our hopes are that we start to measure our career advancement with the same focus as we do the critical financial and M&A metrics. We believe that by focusing on our employees and potential career-building experiences, we will ultimately exceed our other operational and financial goals. That a workforce engaged, appreciated, excited and focused will drive performance, increase acquisitions, and ultimately create more opportunities for their peers.

the csi advantage

Meet our Parent Company

CORA Group is an operating group of Jonas Software, a subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc., also known as CSI. Founded in 1995, CSI is a provider of software and services to numerous public and private sector industries. Altogether, CSI has a presence in 100+ vertical markets worldwide.

Financial Backing - (TSX:CSU)

As a publicly traded company (TSX:CSU), CSI is a transparent and reliable financial partner. CSI's financial backing can help strengthen the credibility of your business, instilling confidence in stakeholders.


Vertical Markets


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customers of cora

InReach - Continuing Education

“I have enjoyed my experience working with InReach. They have been tremendously helpful in getting our online catalog off the ground and their staff is always available and supportive.”

- Sharla Hooper, Arizona Medical Association

EWS Group

"In summary, MoversSuite is the best package I have seen out there,and I am totally satisfied with our decision to purchase it. MoversSuite is the future for successful moving & storage companies."

- James Hollier, CFO, All American Moving Services

InReach - Continuing Education

“We’ve looked at other providers and found nothing else out there that meets all of our needs and works with us as well as InReach.”

- Annette Largin, CLE Alabama

RBRO Solutions

"RBRO Solutions brings substantial expertise to support key areas enterprise-wide that help us to sustain a well-adopted iManage cloud experience. We are impressed with their ability to deliver consistently strong guidance while also being able to deliver excellence from a technical integration and migration standpoint. We’re pleased with our continued strategic partnership with RBRO."

- Simon Dandy, Director of Legal Technology Solutions, Baker McKenzie

Computrition, Inc.

“If you have the right pieces in place Computrition shines. It truly does, and it accomplishes all objectives that we placed on ourselves. To have good tasting food, at the best cost, a good patient experience; all of those things that are really important in our industry.”

- HCA TriStar Division


“Not only is this program user-friendly, but the vinSUITE staff is excellent when it comes to answering questions or making sure that everything is running smoothly and correctly."

- Helwig Winery

“The Jonas family of companies was a great permanent home for our family business. It was clear from the beginning that CORA shares our belief of taking great care of our employees and customers. They stand behind their ‘Software for Life’ promise.”

John Brookbank
Co-Owner & CEO, BEC Legal









Your Vision Coupled with our Experience

At CORA, selling your business is a balance between financial gains, employee opportunities, and supporting your customers. Being acquired by those who were acquired makes a difference.


It's the CORA employees who drive our mission.

meet the team


  • Officially rebrands as CORA Group


  • Entered the Debt Recovery vertical, Europe, and Asia with the acquisition of C&R born from a FICO carveout


  • Acquired Ineo to enter the employee relocation vertical
  • Acquired RewardOps to enter the loyalty vertical


  • Entered Legal vertical with BEC Acquisition


  • Acquired Granbury to enter the retail and wine verticals


centered around two pillars of partnership and growth.

CORA Group’s demonstrated track record of success in driving growth and innovation is a result of our focus on delivering superior value centered around open, collaborative and respectful partnerships. Our values reflect our commitment and entrepreneurial approach to these partnerships.