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CORA Group forms a growing network of software companies.

a distinct alternative to traditional private equity.

We know that building a great software company takes years of commitment. At a certain point, companies reach a moment where they are in need of change: It’s your decision at this point what the future of your company looks like.

CORA Group can offer a home for your business that will thrive, while helping you, your employees, and your customers achieve long-term growth with our holistic best practices. Our history and financial backing can accelerate your software company to new heights with our results-oriented approach.

Technology is important but the best software companies are built on the relationships and knowledge of long-tenured and experienced teams. We are interested in everlasting partnerships that will further enhance the success story you and your team began. Our approach allows you to preserve your legacy, expand your business, provide growth opportunities for your existing team, and/or secure personal financial freedom – at whatever stage you are at. We are a truly life-long partner, able to offer owners a fair, transparent, and sustainable way of moving to the next level.

Founders & Entrepreneurs

Our mission is to acquire top businesses, drive digital innovation and deliver high returns for our investors. You can trust us with our financial backing because we have the experience and autonomy you need.

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M&A Advisors

We specialize in life-long investments that provide steady returns.

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