cora is more than just another M&A firm.

Join our team of passionate, talented individuals who are dedicated to making an impact. Help us continue developing future leaders who are hungry for growth and challenging work.

Careers at CORA

Consider us for your next great opportunity. We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining exceptional people who will help you succeed.

CORA is more than just another company; it's about creating partnerships for success together, with our diverse talent behind every project that goes out into each software company we acquire. We have a demonstrated track record of excellence because we go above-and-beyond when crafting solutions tailored to clients needs through creative thinking--our differential approach sets high standards while still making sure everyone feels involved.

We offer challenging work and the opportunity for long-term career growth in a supportive environment throughout all levels of the organization – with nothing less than significant accomplishment expected or required!

We define our culture in 3 ways:


We're always looking for ways to make things better, and we know that you are too. That's why our goal is simple: create value by delivering outcomes.


Knowledge sharing of best practices is what drives our results, and we're eager to share more with you.


Fresh perspectives are always welcomed. We are excited to see what you come up with next.

Employee Spotlight

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Backpack Attack - Charity

Computrition recently re-launched their office, located in Bedford, MA. The team members put together back-to-school backpacks for under-privileged kids in the town near the office through the Wish Project. The goal for the charity is 3,000 school supply packs to benefit children in need. Newly filled backpacks are distributed to children in homeless shelters or low income families.


Our annual CORA University features breakout sessions on the latest trends in vertical market software, with presentations from industry leaders. Attendees will also have an opportunity to network and learn about strategies for growth within their company or business unit during interactive panels that cover topics like sales & marketing best practices; finance tips & tricks for future acquisition growth. The event is founded on the idea that knowledge-sharing can lead to a more successful business.

We are passionate about building long-term relationships. Our commitment means that you will have access to a variety of learning and development opportunities not available anywhere else, tailored specifically to your needs as an industry leader.


CORA Group is a multinational company with businesses in over 30 countries and we have been on a journey to build a more inclusive culture... It's important for an organization like ours, where people come from all around the world, to feel included and supported within our group’s dynamics. We strive to provide our employees with the opportunity to build amazing careers, have a sense of belonging, and value; and in turn, drive positive change in our communities.

Inclusion is driven by collective accountability, and while we still have work to do, we are making progress. We are committed to building a culture that truly recognizes and cultivates all our strengths, regardless of gender, race and ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or accessibility status.

We are relentlessly focused on attracting, developing and retaining the best global talent. We actively recruit people from all backgrounds to build a supportive and inclusive workplace. At CORA, we accept our responsibility to promote the right, safe, and inclusive environment. These efforts span all talent dimensions. We firmly believe that diverse perspectives in an inclusive culture drive better decision-making and outcomes for the organization, and allow colleagues to do their best work and unlock their full potential.

We want to drive real progress in our organization, and make a positive difference across our portfolio and in the communities where we operate. At CORA, rest assured that everyone feels welcome and supported regardless if they have a particular identity.