A Home Run of Fun: CORA/Jonas Hosts our Fourth Annual Corporate Softball Game

George Chalmers
CORA News & Updates
September 13, 2023
A Home Run of Fun: CORA/Jonas Hosts our Fourth Annual Corporate Softball Game

On August 31, Jonas Software, the parent company of CORA, hosted our fourth annual corporate softball game that brought together employees from various portfolios and departments. This much-anticipated event not only showcased the spirit of fellowship among Jonas and CORA team members but also allowed everyone to let their hair down and enjoy some healthy competition.

This annual traditional began in 2018, when Jonas Software was a singular portfolio company comprised of 75 brands. Over the last 5 years, Jonas has grown to 140 companies via acquisition, now split amongst 6 portfolios, including our very own CORA Group. Throughout this tremendous period of growth, our finance, M&A, legal and HR teams exploded in count. With all the new faces, it’s great to gather everybody together, enjoy a BBQ lunch, and test everybody’s softball skills with a friendly game.

In the end, Andrew’s Alligators were the victorious team, which included CORA team members Darren Cox and Andre Anton. Darren also brought home the “Most Versatile Player” award, 2 years in a row!

The Jonas-hosted softball game proved to be a fantastic day of fun and camaraderie, reminding everyone that while work is important, building strong relationships and having fun with great company is equally vital. We look forward to another round of intense softball in 2024!