Strengthening Connections and Empowering Collaboration: Computrition's Remote Work Success

George Chalmers
CORA News & Updates
June 13, 2023
Strengthening Connections and Empowering Collaboration: Computrition's Remote Work Success

At Computrition, a CORA portfolio company, we believe that remote work should never hinder the power of connection and collaboration. Despite the geographical distances that separate our team members, we have prioritized maintaining our company culture, as it goes hand-in-hand with our success as an organization. In this blog post, we are excited to share how recent meet-ups across the U.S. have further strengthened our bonds and fostered cross-functional collaboration.

Creating Points of Connection:

With over 96 of Computrition’s employees now remote, we recognize the importance of fostering connections within and across departments. Platforms like Microsoft Teams have become our go-to for virtual meetings, and instant messaging. These tools enable efficient communication and ensure that our team members stay connected regardless of their locations. By leveraging technology, we have been able to maintain productivity and foster a sense of unity within our distributed workforce. Many of them represented different teams, which allowed for greater interdepartmental communication and visibility into everyone’s critical role within Computrition. Recently, our Product and UX team gathered in our Bedford, MA office, where they reviewed the current roadmap and discussed the evolution of the product suite to continue to meet the needs of our customers. This collaborative session even sparked an insightful discussion about the impact of emerging technology and what that means for the future of foodservice software.

Virtual Social Activities:

To nurture our sense of building relationships, we organize virtual social activities that allow our team members to connect on a more personal level. From virtual coffee breaks to online game nights, these activities provide opportunities for informal conversations and bonding. Not only do they help alleviate the isolation that can come with remote work, but they also create a positive and supportive work environment. By investing in virtual social interactions, we foster a strong sense of community and teamwork, even from a distance.

Team Building and Giving Back:

While collaboration was at the forefront of our meet-ups, we also recognized the value of team building and giving back to our communities - both of which are key aspects to our culture. During the Bedford gathering, our team engaged in activities that strengthened their bonds and culminated in a charitable donation to Caritas Communities. We collected essential items such as sunscreen, blankets, pasta, socks, juice, and more, all of which will benefit homeless veterans. This not only demonstrated our commitment to making a positive impact on the industries we serve, but also emphasized the importance of empathy and unity within our team. Over 15 employees gathered in the West Hills, CA office, where the focus was on aligning sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. The inclusion of all teams involved in the customer journey marked a significant milestone, contributing to a sense of shared accomplishment and dedication to providing exceptional service.

Celebrating Success:

Amidst our collaborative efforts, we took a moment to celebrate the success of our 2023 Virtual User Conference: Lights! Camera! Action! The conference served as a testament of creativity and teamwork between multiple teams, as well as our adaptability and resilience in delivering valuable experiences to our customers. By overcoming the challenges posed by a virtual format with a fun, movie-themed event, we were able to connect with our customers, provide enjoyable sessions, showcase our latest innovations, and strengthen our community.

In Conclusion:

At Computrition, we firmly believe that remote work should not and will not hinder the power of collaboration and connection. Through our recent meet-ups in Portland, Bedford, and Los Angeles, we have demonstrated our commitment to maintaining our culture and achieving our goals. By encouraging points of connection and embracing cross-functional collaboration, we are confident in our ability to overcome any challenges that come our way. Together, as #OneTeamOneGoal, we will continue to thrive and deliver excellence to our customers.

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