Achievement Unlocked: How Running a Half-Marathon Changed My Life

George Chalmers
CORA News & Updates
December 6, 2022
Achievement Unlocked: How Running a Half-Marathon Changed My Life

Jennifer Higgins, Director of Marketing at Computrition, Inc., a CORA Group subsidiary, successfully ran her first half-marathon recently, ecstatically crossing the finish line at 02:27:24. A novice runner before joining Computrition, Jennifer had always wanted to run a marathon, but wasn't sure how far she could go with her lack of experience and busy schedule (which includes mentoring her six-year-old niece who was very worried about having to become a runner later in life to get a job). What was Jen's response to her niece?

Simply put, "I don’t have to run at Computrition, but when I do, they always get me to the finish line."

This marathon was not only an outstanding achievement, it was also an opportunity for Jennifer to share her personal story with colleagues who might have otherwise never connected outside of video calls and brief emails. Matt Otchet, CEO at CORA Group says "To be clear, while Computrition has one of the greatest "family" type support structures, Jennifer is the type of individual who tackles any challenge with a smile, laughter and unbridled determination. While I personally cannot imagine taking on this type of challenge, I am not surprised that you knocked it out of the park. Way to go Jen."

Despite the challenge, Jennifer had access to resources and a "one team, one goal" motto that pushed her to do whatever it took to accomplish this goal:

As I reflect on achieving this milestone, I can't help but be grateful that Computrition, Inc. is at the center of it. Whether it was working with me on the right training plan, answering the many nutrition questions I had, running with me during work trips, not judging all the baseball caps I wore the last 12 weeks in meetings, and sending supportive messages the day of, I couldn't have done the 13.1 without my incredible colleagues.

Congratulations to you Jennifer, from all of us at CORA. Not only is this an amazing accomplishment - we'll also look forward to your niece starting with us at CORA soon!