Barry Pogson

Business Development Manager, M&A

Barry Pogson is a seasoned Business Development Manager specializing in M&A at CORA, a division of Constellation Software Inc. Located in Toronto, Canada, Barry brings over a decade of expertise in both the cannabis and software industries. In his role, Barry focuses on M&A business development, leveraging his extensive experience to drive strategic growth and foster valuable relationships within the industry. With a strong skill set encompassing account management, financial analysis, valuation, and M&A, Barry is an instrumental part of the CORA team. Before joining CORA, Barry served as a Global M&A Consultant at Hyde Advisory & Investments Inc, gaining invaluable experience in the M&A landscape. Prior to that, he held significant positions such as Vice President of Corporate Development at Stanley Brothers and Director at Charlotte's Web, where he honed his abilities in corporate strategy and development.