CORA Hosts Two-Week Long Quarterly Strategic Reviews for 100+ Employees

George Chalmers
CORA News & Updates
June 7, 2023
CORA Hosts Two-Week Long Quarterly Strategic Reviews for 100+ Employees

CORA believes in fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within our organization. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we recently conducted two week-long sessions for our in-person Quarterly Strategic Reviews (QSRs), bringing together approximately 100 CORA employees across our 25+ business units to our Markham, Ontario and Fairfax, Virginia offices. During the QSR sessions, our teams engaged in insightful discussions, exploring a wide range of topics vital to our individual organizational growth, and CORA’s growth as a whole.

The purpose of the QSR is to conduct an operational deep-dive into each department of a business, from sales & marketing, research & development, and more. This can help unearth unexplored opportunities and help develop the strategic roadmap for the business whether it’s a brand-new acquisition or a company that’s been part of the CORA Group for years.

These QSRs are usually done on an individual company basis, but once a year, the CORA Group invites all our business units to attend the presentations. This brings benefits in two ways:

1. We’re engaging in a real-time sharing of ideas. Presenters are bringing their best practices to the table to capitalize on current market opportunities and tackle incoming challenges. At the same time, the attendees actively participate in the discussions by providing feedback, asking questions, and sharing their own insights. This open exchange of knowledge and expertise creates a dynamic learning environment where everyone can benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.

2. You’re building your network of peers across the CORA Group. By meeting a diverse array of business and software leaders, you have additional resources to reach out to and consult for advice when you’re facing challenges or opportunities in your own business in the future. Whether it’s understanding the cloud strategy with the Head of R&D in our Premier business, learning how to rebrand a product with the General Manager at Automated Integration, or learning the best practices in negotiating contracts with financial institutions from the CEO of C&R Software, our attendees were sure to take some great findings away with them and bolster their rolodex.

Overall, the Quarterly Strategic Reviews at CORA are much more than just presentations and discussions. They are a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. The opportunity to engage with colleagues, share best practices, and expand networks within the CORA Group is invaluable. These sessions empower our employees to drive positive change, develop strategic initiatives, and ultimately contribute to the success of our organization. We look forward to the next QSR session, where we will continue to foster collaboration and innovation for the benefit of all our business units.