CORA M&A Team's Unforgettable Wine Tour Experience

George Chalmers
CORA News & Updates
September 7, 2023
CORA M&A Team's Unforgettable Wine Tour Experience

Throughout the first half of the year, the CORA M&A team completed three acquisitions of Data-Basics, The Hessel Group, and WebRecon. To celebrate these milestones, the CORA M&A team indulged in a day of wine tastings and tours set against the stunning backdrop of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Twelve of our CORA team members made stops at the esteemed Vineland Estates Winery and Two Sisters Vineyard for a delightful day of food and drink. As we raised our glasses and toasted the day, we reflected on our collective achievements, and it served as a reminder that success, like a fine wine, is best enjoyed with great company.

We look forward to many more celebrations and the addition of many more successful and growing companies to the CORA Group!