From Computrition to CORA: Kim Goldberg's Evolution as a Leader

George Chalmers
CORA News & Updates
March 8, 2023
From Computrition to CORA: Kim Goldberg's Evolution as a Leader

Kim Goldberg, Portfolio Manager at CORA Group, began her journey with CORA as one of the first employees of Computrition, Inc, now a CORA Group subsidiary. Holding positions in all departments within Computrition, Kim gained first-hand experience growing and developing a business. One acquisition and 37 years later, Kim helped found the CORA Group. Knowing what it's like to be on the other side of the table in an acquisition allows Kim to have a deeper understanding of the companies and employees in her portfolio and to help them turn their potential into success.  

It is with great pride that we announce Kim’s 40th Anniversary with Computrition and CORA. 

Journey to CORA at Computrition

Kim started at Computrition as one of their first employees in 1983. She was initially drawn to Computrition because she saw a lot of opportunity in the business and wanted to be a part of it. During her tenure at Computrition, Kim held positions within all departments of the company, and was promoted to COO in 2005, overseeing general company operations,  support services, professional services, working with the sales teams to negotiate contracts and maintain our government contracts. She highlights that “being a part of Computrition gave me the opportunity to advance my career and take the knowledge I gained to work as an integrator helping businesses.”  

After Jonas acquired Computrition in 2007, Kim continued working with Computrition, but started assisting Jonas with integrations of new businesses. Working with multiple companies, she mentions, was the best way to see how the current best practices can be modified and incorporated in all sizes of companies and different industries. Soon after, she began to work on the M&A side and in 2020, assumed the Group Leader role overseeing our Construction businesses. Last fall, we launched CORA Group, a portfolio within Jonas that Kim helped found. As a leader with extensive experience in M&A and integrations, Kim was the ideal person to help launch and lead the new group. She quickly transitioned into her role as a Group Leader within CORA and has been instrumental in its success. 

“I have experienced what they are going through, so I am able to use that perspective during our discussions. It allows me to share my experiences and outcomes. I can talk about the way my past company handled things and translate that into the Jonas way for operation efficiency and profitability. My experience also helps me give new companies insight into performance of their business and knowing their numbers and the direction they are going.”

Proud Moments at CORA

Some of Kim’s proudest moments at her time at CORA, she says, revolve around the people she has had the pleasure of working with.

“To see their growth and career progression has been exhilarating. To have worked with employees that are now running departments and companies makes me proud for any little piece I might have had in their career evolution.”

Along with supporting core operations, Kim also mentioned that she takes pride in creating something new. 

“In the beginning years, we were making it up as you go. Being able to create policies and invent ways to get the job done, gave me a feeling of pride.  One of my mentors at Computrition used to call it a “SWARM”.  What did we need to do to SWARM around an opportunity and come out on top.”

Lastly, Kim mentions being lucky to enjoy her career while raising two independent and intelligent daughters.

“One has her MBA and is a Controller for a Digital Marketing company and the other is an Attorney at a Law Firm in Orange County, CA. The support of my husband for 37 years has allowed me the ability to cultivate my dreams.”

Advice For Those Just Starting their Careers in the Industry

“Take every opportunity that you have and make the most of it. Learn from those around you, and from your own mistakes. Take time to ask the questions and make connections. Use every instance as a learning opportunity and build on that foundation. Ask for what you want. Don’t shy away. Put your justification together and push for what works for you. Never stay comfortable, if you are comfortable, you are not learning. Don’t give up, stay positive.”

The future of CORA and Exciting Projects

Kim denotes the future of CORA as very exciting. “Our group is growing and advancing at lightning speed. It is fun to be a part of the ride. You won’t find a more dedicated, supportive, and fun team to work with.” 

One project that Kim always loves being a part of year after year is planning our CORA Universities. CORA University is a wonderful opportunity for people from the organization to come together and share experiences while learning from great speakers and each other. The chance to bring people together, bond with colleagues while learning something new makes it an amazing event Kim is proud to support.