CORA Participated in Bay Street Games 2023: Helping Raise Over $373K for Kids' Mental Health

George Chalmers
CORA News & Updates
June 22, 2023
CORA Participated in Bay Street Games 2023: Helping Raise Over $373K for Kids' Mental Health

In a powerful display of teamwork, fitness, and philanthropy, firms gathered on June 8, 2023, for the 6th Annual Bay Street Games. Capitalize for Kids, the organization behind this event, orchestrated an unforgettable day of competitive challenges, all in support of the Capitalize for Kids Foundation and their mission to enhance kids' mental health services across Canada. Among the passionate participants was CORA, showing our dedication to making a difference in the lives of young people. In this blog post, we highlight CORA's involvement and our contribution to the remarkable total funds raised for 2023, which amounted to an impressive $373,874.73.

The Bay Street Games: A Platform for Fitness and Philanthropy:

The Bay Street Games, based in Toronto, is an eagerly anticipated event that brings together firms, fostering friendly competition and camaraderie while supporting a worthy cause. Co-ed teams of six from various organizations faced off in a series of accessible yet challenging fitness challenges, igniting the spirit of cooperation and teamwork. The ultimate prize? The title of Bay Street's Fittest Firm and the satisfaction of making a meaningful impact on children's mental health services in Canada.

The Impact of CORA's Involvement:

With 50 teams and over 250 participants, the event sought to raise $400,000 to bolster kids' mental health services. While the ambitious target was not fully reached, the collective efforts of all participating firms, including CORA, resulted in a commendable total of $373,874.73.

Through our energetic involvement, CORA contributed not only monetarily but also by embodying the values of collaboration, resilience, and community support. Our dedication to the cause not only inspired their employees but also instilled a sense of purpose among other firms, encouraging them to give their all in the pursuit of enhancing mental health services for children.

A Bright Future for Kids' Mental Health Services:

The success of the Bay Street Games 2023 and CORA's contribution serve as a testament to the power of collaboration and the commitment of organizations to support children's mental health. The funds raised will undoubtedly make a substantial impact on kids' mental health service providers across Canada, helping to build capacity and provide essential support to those in need.